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Fitness freaks often emphasize on the physical fitness to keep the mind and body healthy. No doubt physical fitness is necessary to keep mind and body healthy. But not many of us knows that even our brain needs a bit of exercise every day to keep us active and help us get rid of the enervation from all days work.

Lumosity is one such app available on Google Play Store. This app is for those people who want to spend some time online for benefitting themselves rather than wasting time on social media. Lumosity is a gaming app which focuses on Brain Games. The app offers you to create an account and start working on your brain with their specialized games designed to stimulate your brain’s working.

Unlike other websites which are cumbersome takes lot of time and energy; this app is easy-peezy! They provide you with 3 games every day each of them of around 1-2 minutes long and 5 games if you are a premium member. The team of Lumosity has designed extensive brain training program through their games which target different ways to train your brain. For example, there are memory based games, speed tests, attention as well as speed calculation games. You can analyze your progress through Lumosity Index which gives you a deeper understanding of your strong and weak areas. If you go premium, there is a personalized training program designed specially according to your needs.

The best part of this game is it hardly takes 10 minutes of your life everyday and gives loads in return. You can easily play the games while coming back from office or a small break you have taken to rejuvenate yourself. It’s not only the physical fitness but also brain which needs some attention. The synergy of brain and body fitness determines our productivity. It’s high time we start using these options available to us. So, go Brainstorming!