Will power is something you need to achieve success in your life. Very often we see people cursing luck for their failure. But the actual reason behind their failure is lack of true determination towards their goal. If a person is willing to work hard then there will be plenty of gates open for him. No one can stop him to achieve what he desires. Many goals seem impossible in the beginning but as we start working on it, we get confidence to work even harder to achieve it. Only few people have the will to pursue their goal and they know how much effort they had to put through.

Humans possess a very bad habit. This habit is of procrastinating things. We tend to postpone all our tasks to future until the deadline comes and we start panicking. And the results are not very desirable. Most of us blame time. But these are all excuses. Many of us get discouraged after the first time we fail. But we should not forget that failure is a stepping stone towards success. Success cannot be achieved through shortcuts. Path to success is a rough road.

Success and failure are a part of life. Some excel in one chance while for some it takes more than one chance to achieve their goal. If we give up after the first time we fail and sit back home thinking we are good for nothing then there is no way we can ever get success in life. Hard work always pays off. If you are hard working no matter how many times life turns you down, you will stand up again and work hard to reach the top. A Hard working man has the will to try again and again to achieve his goal. He is difficult to stop. Yes, it’s difficult to try again after failing once but if a person cannot gather courage to forget what has been done and work hard in future, then he can never succeed in his life.

Even the great men encountered many failures in their life. Wright brothers did not invent aeroplane in a day. It took Marie Curie twelve years to discover radium and polonium. What if she would have lost her hope in between? These two elements would have remained undiscovered till now. Louis Pasteur failed up many times before coming up with the method of pasteurization to prevent wine from spoiling. Great conquerors like- Napoleon and Alexander were men of great determination and this will power only made them great conquerors. Not only them, but we have great men from the field of literature, art, sports as well from whom we can learn that will power can make you shake the mountains. These pioneers spread the message that will power and true determination can make you do what seems impossible.

Look at the history of human-kind. It’s actually the will and determination which transformed the world from a mere civilization to a modern society. From axes, chopper chopping tools, swords to AK-47, missiles and nuclear bombs. The reason today we have managed to reach Moon and Mars is because of the will power of the human kind.

All of us possess will power. The difference is only some of us are able to utilize this will power. Others who fail give numerous excuses for their failure. But putting the blame on others is not a solution. Ifs and Buts are just excuses. No one can stop someone with strong will power. If we actually want to pursue our goals we will definitely work hard for it to make the dream come true. After all nothing can make you happier than watching your dream come true. So work hard for your goal. Where there is a will, there is a way.wwwr